Be Goodly

Icon - Nothing artificial

Nothing Artificial

That’s right we only make plant-based products that contain absolutely nothing artificial and are do goodly healthy.

Icon - Nutrition superpowered

Nutrition Superpowered

We offer lower calorie and saturated fat products which are a superpowered source of nutrition. Plus we don’t do RED on the food traffic light system.

Icon - Gluten free

Gluten & Dairy Free

Our dips are made free from, gluten and dairy so that they can be enjoyed and loved by everyone.

Feel Goodly

Icon - Healthy body and mind

Healthy Body & Mind

We are on a mission to promote positive mental wellness - a cause very close to our hearts - so donate 10% of our profits to mental health charity Mind and aim to promote mental wellness in all we do.

Icon - Reduce waste

Reducing Waste

We are committed to reducing food waste by using only wonky veg and by naturally creating products with a longer storage life. Did you know all our dips have a natural minimum shelf life of 3 months and can be stored in fridge or cupboard- how cool is that!

Icon - Respecting the planet

Respecting the Planet

Like you we really care about how Do Goodly does business. We want to ensure we are respecting both people and our lovely planet in everything we do. As part of this we only use 100% recyclable packaging and use as much recycled packaging as possible with a mission to be plastic free when possible.

Taste Goodly

Icon - Plant powered

Purely Plant Powered

We make great tasting foods using the best ingredients that you’ll enjoy time and again.

Icon - Amazing flavours

Amazing Flavours

Our Do Goodly chefs and nutritionists strive to strike the perfect balance between nutritious and deliciousness in every Do Goodly food moment.

Icon - Made in britain

Made in Britain

Every delicious Do Goodly dip is handmade in small batches in Britain from simple, natural ingredients.

Handmade in Wales

Mewn pob daioni y mae gwobr – There’s reward in every goodness

We’re proudly based in Crosshands, Llanelli and actively support Welsh language